6 Best Garden Centers in Kalispell

Being a successful gardener in Kalispell, Montana, boils down to getting cold-hardy and drought-resistant plants. To get such plants, you need trustworthy plant suppliers with a reputation for quality.

Here, we’ve handpicked six of the best garden centers that can meet your gardening and landscaping needs. They were picked based on their reputation, quality of their plants and the comprehensiveness of their services.

Wild Geese Gardens


Source: wildgeesegardens.net

This family-run Garden Center is known for its distinct plants, products, and earthly aroma. From decorative to commercial perennials and annuals, this greenery empire has it all.

They also provide landscaping services like soil amendments and gardening supplies like pesticides, fertilizers.

Their services cover your Spring, Summer, and Fall gardening needs at fair prices. A supportive staff force adds ease to your time here.

It is near Foy’s Lake Roundabout in Kalispell.

Location: 1403, 4th Street West Kalispell, MT

Box of Rain Organic Garden Center


Source: boxofrainogc.com

Box of Rain Organic Garden Center distinguishes itself with the calming ambiance it provides for patrons. Upon entry, the staff’s genuine hospitality and the plentiful plant varieties are apparent.

This establishment caters to your indoor and outdoor gardening needs and provides top-quality potting soil mix.

It’s the ideal place for affordable ventilation and lighting tools and growing accessories, such as plant nutrients, pesticides, and fungicides, endorsed by the Organic Materials Research Institute (OMRI).

They also offer a price match for customers.

Location: 763 N Meridian Rd, 59901 Kalispell, MT.

Hooper’s Garden Center


Source: hoopersgarden.com

Hooper’s Garden Center opened in 1974 and has remained so, a testament to its evergreen experience for those seeking annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, flower baskets, and general gardening needs.

All plants are grown specifically for Flathead Valley.

It houses a vast shop and 16 greenhouses where you can buy seeds, flowers, gardening tools, fertilizers, pollinator attractors like bird feeders, and get landscaping recommendations.

A bonus is Hooper’s online garden club, which connects you to the gardening community and provides updates on the business, upcoming events, workshops, and insider content.

Location: 2205 Montana Hwy 35E, Kalispell, MT 59901

Glacier Nursery


Source: glaciernursery.com

Glacier Nursery’s extensive plant catalog positions it as the Eldorado of greenery for gardeners, nurseries, garden centers, and landscaping companies.

They have around 900 varieties of evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs, seeds, and vines.

A visit here could be overwhelming for a first-timer or one plant project person, as they cater mainly to volume-buyers like other garden centers and nurseries. Regardless, the experience is worth a visit.

You can trust the staff to provide information to help you achieve your green project.

Location: 4343 Montana Hwy 35, Kalispell, MT 59901

Four Seasons Nursery


Source: fourseasonsnurserymt.com

A trip to Four Seasons Nursery could be ideal if you are a homeowner or gardener needing a windbreaker or natural centerpiece.

It occupies about 50 acres of Creston silt loam soil, seven miles east of Kalispell. It is home to cold-hardy evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs that can adapt to the harsh and dynamic climate.

Most pieces here come with balled or burlap root systems, with just a few in plastic containers, so come prepared.

You can also find landscaping equipment and an impressive catalog of beautiful, affordable, and low-maintenance plants. The friendly and professional staff is also on standby to provide guidance.

Location: 3240 Montana Hwy 35, Kalispell, MT 59901

Plant Land


Source: plant-land.com

This family-run establishment is a gardening destination for those seeking expertise and variety. It’s hard not to be captivated by 11 greenhouses, an acre tree and shrub farm, and a 3000-square-foot shop.

Nearly all the plants are labeled and grown for various purposes, seasons, and occasions. They range from house and commercial plants to custom and exotic plants.

Plant Land also provides a Gift Shop that houses pottery and other painstakingly selected items.

Location: 1008 US-2, Kalispell, MT 59901

What items do Garden Centers sell?

Garden Centers stock plants for retail and wholesale purposes. They also sell seeds, gardening, and landscaping tools.

While some Garden Centers may include plant nurseries to grow their plants, trees, and shrubs, others import their seedling.

In the equipment and supplies sections, you’ll find plant containers, lawnmowers, sprayers and similar gardening tools.

Garden Centers also provide resources on propagation and cultivation techniques which may be free or paid.

What is the difference between a Garden Center and a Nursery?

Garden Centers and Nurseries are terms often used interchangeably. This can be more puzzling if you are just starting a garden and do not know whether to go to a garden center or a nursery. However, they differ in a few ways.

A Garden Center sells gardening products and services, such as plants and landscaping tools. It services a broad customer base and may provide landscape design services.

A Nursery focuses more on growing plant species and varieties, which they sell to domestic gardeners, garden centers, and landscapers.

How to choose the right plants in a Garden Center

When in a Garden Center, double-check the obvious things. Understand that your due diligence does not end when you find your plant. Always check for signs of new growth in its foliage, and ensure the leaves are in good condition for color and lushness.

If a plant has signs of pruning and leaf clippings, it could mean a previous pest or disease attack; you should avoid it. You can check for healthy roots by shaking the plant gently to check root firmness and looking under the pot to ensure the roots aren’t popping out.

Don’t be shy to ask the workers questions, from general plant information to tips on plant arrival days. In the rare event that you’re without assistance in a Garden Center, make use of an online plant identification app.